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How to Find Right Roommate

The fact is many of us can’t afford to live alone–at least not in places we want to live. Roommates hold the promise of cost and space efficient living; they may even be a way of making new friends. They… Continue Reading →


Finding a roommate in Trenton might not be all that difficult. But finding the right roommate can be a tedious, frustrating, and seemingly never-ending process without the proper tools in place. Enter the modern roommate finder website. These websites and apps have made it their… Continue Reading →

Affordable Housing

There is no denying that the issues of affordable housing news are as much important as that of health or related social problems. As days pass by, it becomes increasingly difficult for an ordinary person to afford property on rent…. Continue Reading →

Why is affordable housing news necessary?

The term affordable housing means that the person finds a house that fits into their budget limit and is readily available in an adjacent neighborhood they lived for the time. It says that the search takes them to the housing… Continue Reading →

How much can you afford to buy a real estate house?

If we take out the factor of money as an object, where would your accommodation choice be? Would you like to live in a garden available private villa or a penthouse that offers facilities like a swimming pool or a… Continue Reading →

Utilising a Roommate Finder for College or Apartment

There are a few things while living a life in a big city that creates a ton load of problems for you is finding a roommate for an apartment or a college. There is an assumption like he/she will like… Continue Reading →

The Housing Market is cooling off — and Uncertainty isn’t helping

The housing market has been losing momentum, with inventories rising to 2011 highs.  A mismatch between residential-real-estate activity and the rest of the economy may be worsening the slowdown.  Wage growth could help bridge the disconnect. From rising prices to… Continue Reading →

‘Yes’ and ‘No’ on 10 campaigns warn Affordable Housing is at stake

Yes and No on Prop 10 ads are looking to sway voters – and both warn affordable housing is at stake. At a rally in downtown Los Angeles Wednesday morning, a coalition of supporters made a case for a “Yes”… Continue Reading →

Aurora Housing Authority again labeled ‘troubled,’ but new leadership says it’s ‘turning this agency around’

The Aurora Housing Authority has, for the second year in a row, been designated “troubled” under a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development program. Housing authority officials attributed the label largely to the failure to submit an audit, which… Continue Reading →

As The Housing Market Stagnates, American Homeowners are Staying Put for The Longest Stretches Ever

The New Chapter in ‘tale of two Housing Markets’? Housing-market headwinds are keeping American homeowners in their properties for the longest stretches on record, in a sharp distortion of the mobility Americans have for decades prized. Across the country, homes… Continue Reading →

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