There is no denying that the issues of affordable housing news are as much important as that of health or related social problems. As days pass by, it becomes increasingly difficult for an ordinary person to afford property on rent. Sometimes it is believed that the real estate brokers are the ones because of whom these prices go up as the commissions they have as their income is directly proportional to the rent set on a house. It could also be the fact that the price of and has also increased in recent times that has contributed to the unaffordability issues for the common man.

Surveys indicate that an average American earns about $50,000 annually and out of this about half is spent in paying rents estimated. If a person is spending half his income on rent how is it possible to afford the other expenses. There should be policies designed just for the sake of secure housing for the people.

Who needs affordable housing?

Any family that is paying more than 30% of their income in housing needs proper affordable housing news to act. An estimated of about 12 million renters and homeowners pay about a 50% of their annual income on the house. In the United States, a family that has a single full-time minimum wage worker can only afford cannot even provide a single local market rental for two bedroom apartment.

Steps to be Taken

Many community events are being held for the addressing of affordable housing news all over the USA. Some of the insights of these methods utilized to work towards the widening of affordable housing schemes:

*Allowing mixed housing: Mixed houses like condos, apartments, manufactured homes, cottages or micro homes. The idea is to widen the diversity in the housing market that will allow the residents to have an affordable housing option that acts as an alternative. This idea of manufactured housing alone saves up to $125,000 per unit on an average. These savings can be in turn used for the reduction of the overall cost of the home to lessen the issue of affordable housing.

*Preservation of housing assets: Incentives on the extension of affordability of low-cost properties and assistance for repair program were offered. These programs allowed the conservation of at-risk housings.

*Reduction in the cost of renovation and building: Elimination for the need for targeted parking where on an average the value of development was increased to 12.5% due to a single parking space.

*Implementation of Community Land Trust: This makes the acquisition of land and ownership of the building completely separate from the property of the property. Buyers in this program get into a long-term lease when the purchase the home. This makes the acquisition more affordable as the cost of land is removed from the equation. This allows the income qualified buyers to enter the program and have the affordable price for their home.

*Establishment of focus groups: This includes a wide variety of local business, non-profit organizations, and government agencies to commit themselves to work with each other and to find solutions.