“According to Zillow, nine out of ten millennial home buyers use the internet to educate themselves about the home buying process, and 60 percent read online reviews before choosing an agent. So, as a local professional, it’s critical that you’re creating and distributing reliable content. That’s the key to growing your millennial clientele.”

Consider topics like beginners guides to home buying. According to NAR research department, as of 2018, millennials are the largest share of home buyers at 36 percent, with 65 percent of those also being first-time home buyers. Consider posting teasers and links to your blog content on Instagram, where 59 percent of millennials are active users. See our specialty guide to Instagram for real estate agents to learn more about Instagram and how to use it to capture millennials.

2. Share Local Activities for Kids to Entice Young Parents

Pat Chadwick, Freelance Writer, Chadwickcontent.com
Example Blog Post: “Seven Simple Summer Activities for Kids in Jackson Hole”

“Many homebuyers are young parents considering a move to a new area. A blog post on the best local activities for their children can place you in front of these buyers as they research the region’s ‘kid-friendliness,’ and it will help position you as a connected expert in the community.”

3. Include Interesting Data or Trends

Example Blog Post: “Homes “Earn” Minimum Wage or More in Almost Half the Nation’s Largest Cities”

Zillow has over 160 million users a month and an incredible amount of information that is interesting, surprising, and incredibly shareable. When you find statistics like the article above, incorporate it into your blog and share it on social media. Can you imagine your home “earning” a minimum wage? That’s a very cool fact that might inspire some locals to take the plunge into home ownership, and position you as the expert on top of the trends.

While blog posts admittedly take time to rank on Google, be sure to use Zillow’s Premier Agent to start getting leads immediately.

4. Discuss Local Regulations That Might Affect Buyers or Sellers

Malcolm Lawson, Maryland Realtor
Example Blog Post: “4 Facts About Maryland Waterfront Homes You Need to Know Before Buying!”

“These types of state-specific regulations are the type of subject matter that large national real estate blogs featured on Zillow and Homes.com simply don’t have the resources or knowledge to write about. This leaves the door wide open for local Real Estate Agents to capitalize on these state-specific or even county-specific keywords as well as build credibility with their clients.”

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