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Why is affordable housing news necessary?

The term affordable housing means that the person finds a house that fits into their budget limit and is readily available in an adjacent neighborhood they lived for the time. It says that the search takes them to the housing… Continue Reading →

The Housing Market is cooling off — and Uncertainty isn’t helping

The housing market has been losing momentum, with inventories rising to 2011 highs.  A mismatch between residential-real-estate activity and the rest of the economy may be worsening the slowdown.  Wage growth could help bridge the disconnect. From rising prices to… Continue Reading →

As The Housing Market Stagnates, American Homeowners are Staying Put for The Longest Stretches Ever

The New Chapter in ‘tale of two Housing Markets’? Housing-market headwinds are keeping American homeowners in their properties for the longest stretches on record, in a sharp distortion of the mobility Americans have for decades prized. Across the country, homes… Continue Reading →

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