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There is no denying that the issues of affordable housing news are as much important as that of health or related social problems. As days pass by, it becomes increasingly difficult for an ordinary person to afford property on rent…. Continue Reading →

How much can you afford to buy a real estate house?

If we take out the factor of money as an object, where would your accommodation choice be? Would you like to live in a garden available private villa or a penthouse that offers facilities like a swimming pool or a… Continue Reading →

Housing Construction & Effect on Timber Prices

Announcer: Farm and family is a production of the Mississippi State University Extension Service. Amy Myers: Today we’re talking about housing construction and its effect on timber prices. Hello, I’m Amy Myers and welcome to Farm and Family. Today we’re… Continue Reading →

National Housing Report Reveals Some Good News For Buyers

Re/MAX’s national September housing report reveals some good news for buyers in certain areas. As the country’s largest franchise-owned real estate company, RE/MAX shared the numbers from its latest national housing report. Based on the stats from September 2018, it appears… Continue Reading →

Seeking a Solution to The Housing Problem

If you’re hearing a distant drumming sound lately, it’s coming from rational economists repeatedly beating their heads against the wall while listening to the ridiculous debate over Labor’s housing affordability policy. Labor has proposed restricting negative gearing to newly constructed… Continue Reading →

Could This Curious Roommate Pairing Be The Solution To The Housing Crisis?

After living with more than a dozen different roommates in his young life, most of them strangers, Dean Kaplan is well-versed in the particulars of those first meetings — the short introductions, the perfunctory pleasantries, and then the quick getting… Continue Reading →

Brisbane Voters Making Tough Choices on Housing with Bay-lands Project

Former Brisbane Mayor Clara Johnson says she sympathizes with the housing advocates who’ve been coming to City Council meetings over the past few years to lobby for the building of thousands of units of housing in her little town. She… Continue Reading →

100 Days Into Job, S.F. Mayor Breed Reflects on Housing, Homelessness Goals

San Francisco Mayor London Breed took some time this week to chat with KQED’s Guy Marzorati about her first 100 days in office and what she’s done so far to address the city’s ongoing homeless and housing challenges. She also… Continue Reading →

Private Market Must be a Central Part of Affordable Housing Solution

The Seattle skyline, with the Space Needle. In Portland and Seattle, thousands of new market-rate apartments have lowered rents in previously existing properties. If the new market-rate apartments had not been built, new arrivals to these cities would have competed… Continue Reading →

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