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Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

There is no denying that the issues of affordable housing news are as much important as that of health or related social problems. As days pass by, it becomes increasingly difficult for an ordinary person to afford property on rent…. Continue Reading →

Why is affordable housing news necessary?

The term affordable housing means that the person finds a house that fits into their budget limit and is readily available in an adjacent neighborhood they lived for the time. It says that the search takes them to the housing… Continue Reading →

‘Yes’ and ‘No’ on 10 campaigns warn Affordable Housing is at stake

Yes and No on Prop 10 ads are looking to sway voters – and both warn affordable housing is at stake. At a rally in downtown Los Angeles Wednesday morning, a coalition of supporters made a case for a “Yes”… Continue Reading →

Real Estate: Fighting for Affordable Housing in Parc-Ex’s Plex Market

Brique par brique has raised over $300,000 in community bonds but plex units it hoped to get for $110,000 are now at $130,000. The humble plex has become a hot commodity in Montreal, but there‚Äôs a dark side to the… Continue Reading →

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