When my family and I moved back to Orem several years ago after living out of state for nearly 20 years, we found a home and neighborhood we love on the southwest side of the city.

One of the things that attracted us to our neighborhood is its proximity to Utah Valley University. We have been grateful for UVU’s contribution to the lives of Orem residents.

When the plan to build student housing on the eastern edge of campus was proposed, we recognized it as part of a progression of good growth for our area. Students needed housing closer to campus. UVU is no longer a commuter trade school or community college, but a university with nationally recognized programs, faculty, and administrators.

Our family is in complete favor of this proposition. As proposed, it will enrich our area and bring tax dollars to our community. It is a project closely adjacent to the campus, in fact entirely surrounded by campus property, with no intrusion on current residential neighborhoods.

What will happen if the proposition is defeated? Most likely, the developers would sell the property to the university, and housing would then be built under state guidelines, which means that the city of Orem and Alpine School District would receive no monetary benefit.

Vote for Prop 5 on your ballot this election. It’s good for students, good for the university and good for Orem.